What's in E-Liquid?

There are 4 ingredients in E-Juice/E-Liquid

  • PG 
  • VG 

PG (Propylene Glycol) - carries more flavor and gives you more throat hit… it has anti-microbial properties and is used widely throughout healthcare ventilation systems to help purify the air.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) - gives you more vapor, makes juice thicker and sweeter

  • NOTE*** High VG/Max VG juice - AKA Dripping Juice - does not work well in clearomizers/tanks. It is designed for high heat, RBA/RDA/RTA’s, and Sub-Ohm Tanks.
  • For tanks I recommend 70VG or less.

My Mix - After 6+ years of vaping, I prefer and recommend a 40PG/60VG Mix for regular tanks and 30PG/70VG for SubOhm tanks. I prefer to “tank” my juice. I am not a “dripper” and do not consider myself a rebuilder.

Flavoring -  Flavorings are typically food/candy flavorings. Some (mostly tobacco's) are naturally extracted (NET).

Some popular companies are..

My Nicotine Level - As a pack/day lights menthol smoker, I started out at 24mg (2.4%) Nicotine... After 1 1/2 years I dropped to 18mg (1.8%)... after 2 years I dropped to 12mg (1.2%)... at 3 years I dropped to 6mg (.6%)... and I currently vape at 3mg (0.3%).

The highest nicotine level I would recommend is 18mg or 1.8%.
  • Tanks - 0mg - 18mg (1.8%) 
  • Subtanks - 0mg - 12mg (1.2%) 
  • Drippers/RDA/RBA/RTA - 0mg - 6mg (0.6%)