CountryPami's Gear

My Current setups -
I’d have to say my current favorite setups are…

   SubTank/TopTank Mini / Kanger Subox/Topbox Mini (Starter Kit)
   SubTank Nano / Kanger Subox Nano (Starter Kit)
   Sigelei Star Tank / Sigelei Book (Starter Kit)
   SubTank Mini / eLeaf iPower 80w
   iSub G by Innokin / Cool Fire 18650 TC
   SubTank Mini / Cool Fire IV Plus
   Sense Herakles V1 / Wismec Reuleaux RX200
   Joyetech Penguin (Pod system)
   Nasy Custom Dual 18650 PWM

Drip Tips -

The majority of the custom drip tips seen in the pics above were made by Rhonda over at Angel's Heavenly Designs. I also own several from Cherry Vape.

Mods -
My preference is single 18650 regulated VV/VW mods. I use my Cool Fire IV's, Subox/Topbox's, Sigelei Book's, and eLeaf iPower the most. Of the mods that I own... the Cool Fire IV, Subox Mini, Subox Nano, Sigelei Book, eLeaf iPower, and iStick TC100W, are my favorites.

   Mods I would recommend to a beginner -

      Kangertech Subox/Topbox Mini or Nano Starter Kit
      Cool Fire IV
      Sigelei Book
      eLeaf iStick 20w, 30w, 50w, 100w, TC100W
      IPV D2, D3, D5
      Sigelei 50w v2
      HCigar VT75
      eLeaf iPower 80w
      Wismec Reuleaux Rx200, 2/3
      Innokin Disrupter
      Innokin MVP Energy, MVP Shine, MVP 2.0, MVP 20w, MVP Pro, MVP 4.0
      Joyetech Penguin (Pod system)
      SMOK AL85
      Wismec Predator
      Aspire Oceanus

My Favorite SubOhm Tanks -
I use .4 - .6 ohm coils and run them around 20-30 watts.

Kanger SubTank Mini - 4.5ml Subtank with upgraded airflow. The Subox Mini ships with the standard 0.5 ohm Kanger OCC coils and includes an rba assembly you can switch out with the coil, making it an Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.

iSub by Innokin - 4 ml stainless steel and polycarbonate tank with an integrated drip tip. Replaceable 0.5 ohm OCC single coil with a built in anti-spitback screen.  The deck is a two piece design, and the atomizer head slides in and out easily once the two pieces are separated.  Airflow control comes from a ring on the lower deck.

Aspire Triton V1 - This is a top fill 3.5 ml subohm tank, adjustable airflow, pyrex. The unique part of this tank is that it can use both .3ohm, .4ohm, AND 1.8ohm coils. Making it versatile for any ratio of e-liquid.

Sense Herakles - This is the best of both worlds.. great vapor production, great flavor, and high wattage capability. It has adjustable airflow, replacement coil heads in 0.2ohm or 0.6ohm, 22mm diameter, Stainless steel construction, 3ml Pyrex Glass Tank, wide bore drip tip.

Ego/Evod Batteries -
This is your cylindrical stick type battery that uses a 510 screw in charger and/or is a passthrough. These typically operate in variable voltage (VV) from 3.2 - 5 volts.

I have over 60 Ego style batteries in my collection... ranging from a standard 400mah to 4500mah. I have standard Egos, Evods, Spinner VV, Spinner VV 2, Tesla VV, Evod Mega, SLB VV2, just to name a few.

My favorite Clearos/Tanks -
I don't use these much anymore.. but when I did I ran mostly 1.8-2.1 Ohm coils... I found my sweet spot to be about 3.1-3.5volts on my egos... or about 5-12 watts on my VW's.

Aspire Nautilus - This is the most popular non sub-ohm tank. I have the full size version on my iStick 50W and a mini on my MVP and iStick 20W. I am loving both... and these are the most recommended regulated setups. I do suggest getting the sleeved replacement tank.


Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC Tank - I have one of these on my MVP2 and it performed so well that I bought 8 more! Aspire has quickly become my go to brand. The VN-S BDC tank is reinforced with an aluminum shield with a visible clear pyrex glass tube and holds approximately 3.5ml of liquid. You can find these in most shops that sell Aspire products. They fit perfectly on the MVP and iStick and since they are pyrex, there is no worries about "tank crackers".

GS-H2 or GS-H3 (aka Smok EBC/GBC) - in the 2.4Ohm. These are perfect for your Ego/Evod style batteries. I use them mostly as testers. You can get these at Fast Tech, My Freedom Smokes, Hoosier E-Cig, most US vendors are carrying them now. The GS-H2/3's are the best performing BCC clearos I’ve ever used. They get the best flavor for a BCC with no leaks or dry hits. The heads are replaceable and the clearos only run about $2 a piece. They take the Smok style BCC heads.


The ViVi Nova - I really like the flavor I get from the top coil wicks of a Vivi Nova. There are several companies that make a "version" of it.. but the brand I like best is Vision.


Innokin iClear16 - These are great for CE4 like portability but with much better performance and flavor. The heads are also replaceable. I use these mostly on my smaller Ego/Evod batteries.

Protank II - This is an old standard... but they perform great.