Where should I go online?

Are you new to Vaping? Want to know more about it? Not sure what/who/where to go to online?... Then this page is for you!

The Vaping Underground Forum - The VU was voted 2015 and 2016 Guide to Vaping's #1 Forum. Part of the VaporJoes Network. There is tons of helpful info here from beginner to expert. Sections dedicated to New Vapers, Help, Ask an Expert, Eliquid, Rebuilding, Reviews, Deals n Steals... and much more. I have been with the VU as a collaborator, staff, and moderator since it’s beginning and I’m very proud of its success.

Vaping Underground Live - 2016 GTV's #1 Network and is the network I call home. VULive is a network of vape chat live broadcasts. With a variety of hosts and shows featuring everything from coil building, diy, eliquid reviews,  product reviews, deals, vaping advocacy, vendor interviews. I am a MOD there and have been with them since it’s conception in November of 2014.

Facebook Groups/Pages -

The VaporJoes Network - VaporJoes (2016 GTV's Best Vape Deals Blog) is well known in the Vaping community for finding us the really good deals. He has a daily blog where he posts deals on vaping related merchandise. He is also the lead host of Mod Envy and owner of The Vaping Underground Forum.