CountryPami's Top 20

  1. Pami's Mangos - Scope Juice (#ADV) - A light and creamy yogurt with delicious fresh Mango
  2. Pear Cake - TMaxx's No Frills Mls - Sweet fresh pears baked into a moist and fluffy yellow cake
  3. Strawberry Taffy - TMaxx's No Frills Mls (#ADV) - Strawberry saltwater taffy
  4. Harvest Grape - RTS Vapes (#ADV) - Red seedless grapes straight off the vine.
  5. Lemon Creme Filled Doughnut - TMaxx's No Frills Mls - lemon creme filled doughnut
  6. Maddscope - Scope Juice - iced oatmeal cookie
  7. West Coast Chino Infamous - trifecta of vanilla custard, blueberries, and cream
  8. Strawberry Doughnut - TMaxx's No Frills Mls (#ADV) - Glazed doughnut w/strawberries baked in 
  9. Kreamy Kolada - Vape Shack 808 - A rich and creamy pineapple and coconut milkshake vape
  10. Trill - Infamous (#ADV) - blackberry, strawberry, and custard 
  11. Dragon CranApple - TMaxx's No Frills Mls - Dragon Fruit, Apple, and a splash of Cranberry
  12. Lady in Blue - Swagger Vapor - yellow cake, whipped frosting, under a backdrop of blueberry
  13. Buccaneer - Spyglass Vapors - sweet tropical fruit mixed with rum
  14. Mango Splash - HiggyCigs - Mango, Cranberry, and Apple
  15. Cranberry Cream Soda - Perfection Vapes - cream soda lightly flavored with cranberry 
  16. Infused Mango - Rocket Sheep - sweet, smooth, fresh mango
  17. Southpaw Lemonade - Bang Bang Vape Co - lip smacking raspberries and sweet Lemonade
  18. Peach Knockout - Insane E-Liquid - Complex blend of peaches and other fruity notes 
  19. Krackleberry - Deja Juice - A berry cereal blend unlike any other. Very milky, fruity, and sweet
  20. Capone - TheSauceLA - Fruit loops cereal

My juice profile:
I love Mango and Cranberry! I lean towards creams, sweet fruits, cupcakes/cakes, beverages, fruity custards, and bakery. I don’t vape menthols or tobaccos (can’t even stand the smell of them).

My preferred mix is: 
   30PG/70VG ... 3 - 6mg nicotine for sub ohm tanks
   50PG/50VG... 6mg nicotine for regular tanks

#ADV = All Day Vape