Friday, November 20, 2015

You Are Being Lied To - A Billion Lives

Politicians, public health leaders, and big charities looking for Big Pharma funding are getting away with murder. Literally.

Because they have the public's trust, they say whatever they want. Consequently: 

  • New restrictions are being passed 
  • New taxes are being levied 
  • Smokers keep smoking 
  • Public opinion is rapidly dropping 

Their plan is working.

Much of the public now thinks that vaping is the same or worse than cigarette smoking! How did this happen?


I do
n't want to live in a world where a billion people are denied the right to switch to a life-saving alternative because a handful of corrupt people want more money.

It sickens me. It makes me sad.

Today we launch our first video with footage from the film. We've heard your cry for help. Hopefully this gives you something to spark discussion until the film comes out. Hopefully it makes the liars think twice. 

More is coming. 

Thanks again for supporting us before you even saw footage. You are crazy. You are special.

Enjoy the preview and let me know what you think,

Author: A Billion Lives