Monday, June 15, 2015

CountryPami's Story

I was a pack a day smoker for 24 years. I smoked my last traditional cigarette on March 1st, 2012... 14 days prior to my 40th birthday. I would not/could not have done this without my e-cig. I was introduced to them by a friend in Feb of 2012 and will forever be grateful.

I started out with a $15 "cig-a-like" styled e-cig. I used 24mg pre-filled cartomizers. I had 2 packs of traditional cigs left when I got my e-cig. I began by trading every other traditional cig for the e-cig... then I moved up to 2 e-cig for every 1 traditional cig and so on. Within 3 days I completely quit traditional cigs and never looked back.

Prior to quitting traditional cigarettes... I was an asthmatic, borderline COPD, with chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. Since quitting traditional cigs and switching to Vaping... I haven't used an inhaler since 2012, I no longer have any wheezing when I breathe, I have not had any bouts of bronchitis or sinusitis. I feel healthier, smell better, and my energy level has increased. *UPDATE 12/17: I've been vaping for 6+ years now and have seen no ill side effects of any kind. 

I KEPT IT SIMPLE!. I didn't go for the big guns right outta the gate.. I gave myself time to get used to vaping and an array of juice flavors before I moved on to Clearomizers or Tanks or Mods. I got a USB hub and had several 510 auto stick batteries in rotation.

After about 3-4 months.. I stepped up to e-liquid and ce2's. When I made that switch I moved to NON tobacco flavored juices. (Give me a tobacco flavored juice today and I GAG!) It wasn't until about Feb. of 2013 that I finally stepped up again to Ego/EVOD type batteries and tanks/clearomizers. I wanted to keep it fairly simple... I've found there are some pretty complicated devices out there in Vapeland.

August 2013 - I lowered my nicotine level to 18mg and bought my first Variable Voltage (VV) battery. I bought my first MOD in December of 2013. Today my collection has grown to over 60 Ego/Evod style batteries and 20+ MOD's.

Fall 2013 - I discovered Vaughn / / Nova. I quickly became a permanent fixture in all of the prime time shows. I saw a need for a reliable, consistent viewer to step up and assist the hosts by posting web and winner links for the sponsors. I began copying and saving all posts until I had a complete list of all the sponsor links for the shows. It wasn't long until the "Link Ninja" emerged. I supported one show, then two... then soon began supporting all of the other prime time hosts. On 2/15/14 Nova graciously honored me by making me a MOD for their network - Despite the fact that I was not a show host. My journey would not have been the same without them.

January 2014 - I went on a mission to find a way to store my juice collection without taking up a lot of space on my desk. This journey led me to discover a wire wall rack that is actually intended for nail polish, but works perfectly for up to 50ml size plastic bottles of juice. I bought one, hung it, filled it up. I was so impressed with this rack that I began sharing a picture and the link to buy it with other vapers. One by one, vapers in our community began to buy them also. Before I knew it, "Countrypami's Big Juicy Rack" was born and is now widely known throughout the vaping community. I have 2 of them on my wall. *UPDATE 12/17: With the recent changes in bottle styles/sizes, the newer unicorn style bottles will only fit on the top shelf of these racks. Glass bottles, 50ml and larger do not fit in the racks but can be leaned back on the top shelf.

March 2014 - I lowered my nicotine level to 12mg. I feel comfortable at this level and I am in no hurry to drop again.

May 2014 - I was once again honored when I was asked to be a moderator for the Vaping Underground Forum - part of the VaporJoes Network.

November 2014 - I left the Nova network and moved over to the Vaping Underground Live. I am a MOD there and have been with them since it’s conception.

Spring 2015 - I again lowered my nicotine level and I am now vaping at 3mg - 6mg.

June 2015 - I launched the CountryPami's World of Vaping Blog.

July 2015 - I finally took the plunge into sub-ohming. Now, I am not an advocate for sub-ohming.. in fact, I've been pretty much the opposite. But I decided to finally give it a try. I got an Aspire Triton V1 Sub-Ohm Tank (I figured this was a safe bet for me since it will also take 1.8 ohm coils.) and a Cool Fire IV. At .4 ohm and 24.5 watts it's a good vape.

September 2015 - I went to my very first Vape Meet - VAPE MANIA in Winston-Salem, NC. What an adventure! I was lucky enough to have a fabulous roommate (y'all know her as 3Dog). And I was generously chauffeured by Jeremy and Jen Colvin (Lucidious Rage/Crafty Buckeye). The reception when we arrived at the hotel was heart warming. It was fantastic to finally meet in person so many of the folks I'd been calling "friend" for 2 years. It was fun, manic, chaotic, exhausting... so many vendors, friends, fellow vapers... I'll treasure the memories forever!

March 2016 - I began working as the Social Media Manager for a very popular e-liquid company.

May 2016 - VU Live moved its broadcast to YouTube.

April 2017 - Not much has changed over the last year. Although the online vape community seems to have dwindled some... I'm still very active with VU Live, and with the Vaping Underground Forum. I'm vaping mostly 3mg nic now. And I'm still working as a Social Media Manager for the same e-liquid company.

December 2017 - It's been a year of ups and downs for the industry. With the FDA regulations dropping, a lot of the innovation has came to a halt. Sadly, many shops have been forced to close their doors due to these same regulations. The vaping shows are at a minimum now. Viewership is significantly less. But there are still a few good shows about.  As for me, I'm still here... doing my thing. Hunting deals, taking vapemail pics... and spending the majority of my time in the Vaping Underground Forum modding and assisting other vapers. I love helping the new follks and making sure they have all the educated information they need. I'm also dabbling in DIY e-liquid now... haven't made any award winners yet, but I'm learning. I'm still vaping at 3mg, maybe 2018 will see me at 0mg!

This has been my journey thus far... my hope is that my story will educate and encourage others to turn to Vaping instead of smoking. I love a great deal on anything Vape related and keep a photo journal of all my Vape-mail. You can check it out here: Vape-mail photo journal.

I consider myself a vape enthusiast... I'm an active vape advocate and proud to call myself a vaper! Vaping is a lot of trial and error. I had to try many different set-ups/flavors to find what I liked and what worked best for me. You can see my top 20 juice list here CountryPami's Top 20 and some of my favorite gear here CountryPami's Gear. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You just have to take the time and effort to figure out what works best for you!

~ CountryPami ~